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We have reached distances never before seen on a single charge.

GLIP Generation Corporation are innovators in the world of electric motors and generators. We have come up with a new product that is going to change the world. Our motor will be more efficient and environmentally friendly than those that have come before it. We are so excited to share our product with you.

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MEIM Magnetic Electric Impulse Motor

The MEIM motor uses new magnetic field technology which makes it the most energy efficient electric motor ever invented.

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Now Zero Magnets Required

ZERG 2.0 Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generator

The ZERG generator uses new magnetic field balancing technology which allows higher power output, with lower torque.

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Innovative world changing

Experience how our product can revolutionize your company. Smaller, quieter and more powerful than existing electric motors/generators. Come see it in person at our upcoming bench test.

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Universal. World Changing. Our design changes the way you think of motors/generators
Green and Efficient Can travel double the distance in the same amount of energy use